You can access the app settings by pressing the three dots button .

In this menu, you can activate the Auto Lap mode. It allows starting a new interval automatically when the set distance has been reached.

You can also configure the device orientation. It is the orientation in which the device will be used during the workout. To do so, follow these steps:

Press the 3 dots button > Settings > Device orientation. There are two options available: vertical orientation and horizontal orientation. Select the Vertical option when the watch is used in that orientation during the workout (for example, in a kayak or a surfski).

Select the Horizontal option when the watch is used in that orientation (for example, if the watch is placed on the crossbar of a canoe).

The interval summary will be shown at the end of each interval. The summary display time is configurable. By default it is 7 seconds. To change that value press the button 3 dots > Settings > Lap summary and set the time that you prefer. If you do not want to see the summary, it can be disabled.

It is also possible to adjust the strokes detection threshold. The higher the value of this threshold the stronger and longer the strokes have to be in order to be detected. It may be necessary to change the threshold value in case the app is not recognizing the strokes correctly. To do this, press the 3 dots button > Settings> Row phase change threshold and set a lower value if some strokes are missed, or a higher value in case too many strokes are detected.

The default values can be restored by pressing the 3 dots button > Settings > Restore default values.